Here at Butterfly Party Soap Studio the soaps are hand made by me using the 'cold process' method.

Cold process soap is made with lye (a mix of caustic soda and water), this is what turns the oils into soap. After the soap has cured, no lye remains and left is a creamy, moisturizing bar of handmade soap.



I use high quality ingredients from reputable suppliers, to ensure that you are getting a lovely product that is going to feel great on your skin.

 My palm oil is purchased from a certified member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), which is an international organisation formed to promote the production of sustainable palm oil. I do not use animal fats in my soap, however I do use goats milk, so if you are after vegan soap please ensure you check the ingredients to make sure that what you are looking to purchase does not contain any goats milk. I also use nut oils and butters in some of my recipes, so if you have any nut allergies please also check the ingredients.



My soaps and body products are fragranced with fragrance oils (synthetic) and essential oils (natural). Essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding so please take that into consideration when choosing products to purchase.




Please note, that due to the beauty of hand made, my soaps will differ in appearance, texture and scent with each batch. Some fragrances (especially ones that contain vanilla) will discolour the soap over a period of time, so sometimes the colours in the soap you receive will vary slightly to the photos on this page.